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While doing a little bit of web site updating, adding our new products etc, I came across a bunch of old product reviews and saved emails from some of our lovely customers over the years. I got all warm and fuzzy reading them, and while they never made the transition from our old to new website I though I'd post them here to save them from obscurity.

Big Hug to you- just got the socks and neck warmer. Will let you know what the biker thinks! Your customer service ethic is impeccable- thank you so much.

Thank you so much for that! that really is much appreciated! and unexpected! And I'm glad you don't print invoices, and save trees etc. :) you guys are more appealing as a business all the time. And thanks for the info - I’m sure they will live up to our expectations! - the reason I ordered the tough mongrels is that I have recently worn holes through the bottom of my last pair! so I thought they would last a little longer (hopefully :) thanks again, loving your service :)
Cheers, Steve

Just bought some more socks (tuff mongrels) for work.was surprised at how cool woolen socks can be despite being in heavy work boots all day.i got a pair while on honeymoon in Tasmania and loved them, had to get more. Have 6 pairs once these one arrive. Surely thats not the end of the colours too. I work night shifts so a bright colour makes me smile. if there's any new colours that come out i think i shall have to snap them up too.

Just wanted to leave a comment. Whoever did all the writing for your website did such an excellent job, I had to comment. The opening line that went something like, "You can stop looking because you've found it," really got my attention - and I've been shopping for socks and I have seen a lot of websites! Also, the descriptive paragraphs for the socks was so well written; it sold me on your merchandise and I also appreciated the friendly tone. Please pass my compliment on to the writer.

Just a big thank you for the quick delivery on socks and head warmers a couple of weeks ago.The socks feel and look great. Some have gone off to a European winter with my daughter and the rest to my sister and her family in Morocco , so I should get some good feedback about their warmth, thanks again

I just want to say my feet salute you. At this time of the year winter my toes are covered in chilblains and take to heal but your socks have helped and now winter appears to be shorter.

I received two pairs of pure wool socks and I would just like to thank you and say that they are really good quality wise. Thanks for doing a great job.

Thank you for saving my life this winter. OMG ive just thrown out my 3rd pair of house socks and one pair o slippers!!!!! You are a godsend and I've been buying your socks almost weekly since a month ago!! for me, for my family and pressies for interstate!! Thankyou , they are awesome.
Junie in Cambridge, Tas

I am in Dragons Abreast Sydney, a dragonboating club for survivors of breast cancer. In 2010, nine women from my club trained for 10 months and then travelled to Canada to compete in the Yukon River Quest, a 746km marathon, 24 hour a day paddle along the Yukon River through the Canadian wilderness. None of these women had ever done anything like this in their lives, and most of them had never even paddled before having breast cancer and joining Dragons Abreast. Their ages ranged from the youngest at forty nine years to the oldest at sixty six. The conditions last year in the Yukon Quest were the worst since the Quest had first begun with cold, wet weather for the entire sixty eight hours it took them to complete the quest. This meant they had to be prepared clothing wise for the worst and coldest conditions they had ever experienced. They had all bought Mongrel Pure Wool Socks and wore them all throughout the quest. They love their Mongrels, and continue to swear by them. We are currently doing our winter dragonboat training down on Blackwattle Bay in Sydney. We are on the water at dusk and again at the crack of dawn for training. They wear their Mongrels to every training session. As the winter has become colder and colder, I have developed a severe case of Mongrel Sock envy!!! This is why I am now here on your website, just about to order my first very own pair of Mongrels!!! I hope you liked this story. All the best,

To all the team @ Cold Comfort, Thanks!!! Two pairs of beautiful warm socks arrived safely in Canterbury yesterday and Ian has been wearing the black/grey/white all morning and has now gone off to the city. Much appreciated as it was 5° earlier. The other pair are similar in colour to the pair we bought in Silverton and will be terrific. Well done. Keep socking.

Hello, I am just writing to say a big THANKYOU. I purchased some woollen and bamboo socks for my partner, Andrew. He is currently working 12 hour days, he is a carpenter, and has been coming home with aching and horrid smelling feet. He wore a pair of the woollen socks yesterday and said they were wonderful. His feet didn't get neither too hot or cold and the best bit.....No smell. So thank you again from us both.
Cheers Helen and Andrew

And by the way, the bamboo socks are great as well. It was very cold yesterday so I put a pair of them on. Guess what? he isn't getting them back My name is Ciaran (pronounced ki - ron), I live in Melbourne, and I bought some socks from you just over a week ago at Salamanca Market, when I was staying in Hobart for a few days. I bought 3 pairs of the Bamboo Tasmanis and I told you that I would tell you about these socks. They are FANTASTIC, they are warm, comfortable AND durable, and it's very hard to find socks that are all of those things. What's even better is I can wear them for 3 or 4 days without them getting smelly. I don't know why these socks aren't worth more - I bought them for $8 a pair when they were reduced from $12 a pair. If I'm ever in Tasmania again on a Saturday, I will be going to Salamanca Market to buy some more of those socks. Thanks.
Ciaran, Melbourne, AUS

I always loved my woolly mongrel socks, but I have just tried your bamboo boot socks, unbelievable! $10pr to my door, I'm stoked. Thanks.
Morrie, Muckadilla, AUS

All my socks have arrived… I love them… and I do love how each time I get new ones…they are a slightly different shade… All the best…
Amy, AUS

I recently purchased 6 pair of "Mongrel Socks", unbelievably great!!! People in the World really don't know what their "feet" are missing out on...It's Pure Comfort.
Godday, Sebastian, Texas, USA

You and your socks rock evermore. Thanks so much for your online presence. Getting to Salamanca markets ain't that easy these days. Great site, unbelievably good service. Long may you run.Canberrans and Tasmanians don’t have to explain winter to each other. Thank god for your socks.
Lotsa love, Rob,Canberra

Recently I found myself in Kashgar and Urumqi in China and it was minus 20 to minus 30. Boy was I glad of my mongrel and possum socks my feet were beautifully warm the whole time unlike other parts of me. If you are going to the desert in China in winter don't leave home without your mongrel and possum socks. They are a real lifesaver.
Cyndi(one very happy customer)South Australia

I bought some of your tuff mongrel socks at the markets 3 years ago. THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!! I work on a ship and the guys through them in the dryer and everything. Bloody awesome.

My feet are very happy. I didn't think anyone still made decent woolen socks that didn't feel like wearing sandpaper. Well done, you mongrels.
Larry, Ireland

Just want to say how much I love these socks. I Googled pure wool socks and this yours was the first website I tried and it was the last. I was a bit hesitant but I ordered 3 pair just to try them out. The first day I wore them I was in love, I work at Nestle coffee factory and am on my feet all day also have to wear steelcap boots too and it was like walking on a airbed. So soft and comfortable. So I ordered 2 more. Thank you for the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. (And it's true, no smelly feet)
Thank you heaps, Michelle
Rightio! I have to say... these socks are great, you've heard it before and you're hearing it again... super comfy. After your recommendation I bunged them in the wash... they sit a bit better but after spending about 2 hours trudging around in motorcycle boots with your socks underneath... there wasn't a blister or sore spot to complain about. I've forwarded you on to a bunch of my friends so hopefully you'll see some more orders coming across from WA. :)
Thanks again. j. WA

Thank you for the quick delivery of my order. Your product was recommended to me by my sister who lives at Derwent Bridge. Will be sure to restock as needed.
Regards Angela. Tas

just wanted to say a huge thank you for the socks and leg warmers, absolutely the best socks, will definitely purchase again and recommend to others. thankyou
Kind regards rennetta, Tas

Hey there, My girlfriend bought me a pair of your great socks about a year ago and I absolutely love 'em! She has 3 pairs herself, so i thought it was time to even things up ;) Thanks for creating such a great product!
Cheers, Dax. Aus

I just wanted to write and say how much I love the socks that I purchased on-line from you. It's the only socks I where now. I have shown them to my friend who has also now purchased the same from you and is loving them too. I will next be purchasing the leg warmers. Also a wonderful service from you. Thank you and glad I found your website.
Angela. Aus

Hi I have worked my order of payment out, sorry if I caused you any extra trouble. My son in law bought my daughter some of your socks. I have been longing to put another pair on my feet. They are heaven, exactly what my daughter said they would be. Please hurry and send them to us, I have been telling everyone I meet about them and they too can hardly wait until I get them.
Regards, Wendy, WA

I actually just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your socks. I didn't know you sold all the other stuff as our local store (Uggs of Yallingup - the Yallingup Shearing Shed) only has your socks I think BUT I'm now planning buy everything :) Thank you for making Australia's most brilliant socks....they are perfection for my feet and so funky I can't help but smile when I put them on!
Charley, WA

I bought my first and only pair of Mongrel Socks at the Sal.Market in 2003. Magnificent! I still have them. Went back to Tassie in Feb. this year and couldn't wait to buy more. I enjoyed catching up with you both and seeing your friendly faces. About a week later I asked my sister, who was about to holiday in the Apple Isle to buy me another pair!
Brian, Glen Waverly, VIC

Hello! I recently returned from a wonderful week in Tasmania and a day at the Salamanca market where I purchased many, many pairs of your terrific socks. I unfortunately could not carry enough to bring a pair for everybody on my list. It would be wonderful to be able to get more. My question you ship to the USA, and if so what is the approximate cost? Thank you.
Judi Carpenter

Thanks Heaps Helen. My partner & I bought a pair each when we were holidaying in Tassie October 2005. We bloody love them Phoebe I'm a big advocate of your armwarmers up here in sunny Brisbane :) I'm just about to go travelling the world for a year, and they're coming with me for sure.
Nell Currie

Ohmigosh! I have never had warm feet till now. I work in a shop (which equates to a shed!) with no heating, selling floorcoverings in the Latrobe Valley. Our shop is sooooo deep, it never warms up which means it is sooooo cold. I feel like i've been missing out. I have bought wool socks before and just can't work out why yours make such a huge difference. How do you do it? I'm so impressed. If you ever need someone to tell anyone who wants to know what Mongrels are like, CALL ME!! I'd be more than happy to speak for them. Thanks guys. Regards,
Deanna Paulet

I received a pair for Xmas 2005. Wore them today for the first time. Just wonderful. Well done. So warm and soft. Best wishes for a prosperous and happy company.

Helen, Laurie, Got the socks yesterday. They're terrific and so are you. Thanks again. Let us know if you get a website going. We will not be shy about letting other know our secret of good socks. Thanks again,

Thank you – I look forward to getting them Many thanks once again for all the time and care you took with us to get it right.

Hi I have been given a pair of your socks and they are wonderful. As I live in country Victoria, but access Melbourne regularly, I would like to give some pairs as Christmas presents. Where can i buy them? regards
wendy parker

Hello The sock are great!! arrived in quick time to the U.S. regards,

Thanks Helen, I get everybody to say hello when they are at Salamanca market! (and to buy socks!!) Cheers

Hi Helen, my shoe size is 8. Thankyou - your socks are fantastic! I bought a pair last winter and they are so cosy AND cute! Now i want to get them for my friends, too! kind regards,

Hi there helen, Just letting you know that my socks arrived this morning (they made pretty good time!) and they are gorgeous and very cosy. I am already getting lots of positive commnets - you might have to start selling them in NZ (if you don't already)!many thanks - I'm looking forward to a warm-footed winter.

Hi Helen Just made direct deposit to your account via CTB netbank for $142.50 ( express post please ) .We are a repeat customer & I still had your account details in my netbank accounts list - we sooooooooooo love your socks & with the first real cold day in Sydney today I decided we needed to get some spares . Look forward to receiving next Tuesday & keep up making the best socks in the world. Have a great warm weekend in your woolly socks - I have a pair on today. Cheers


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