Our Favourite Colour

We are happy to advise that we have secured long term supply and are busily knitting with certified Tasmanian grown and non-mulesed 20.5 micron Pure Merino Wool for use in all our pure wool products. There is no tangible change in the feel of the yarn or end product, as we have always demanded the highest quality. Only now we have “sheep to shelf” or “farm to foot” traceability. A scarce and luxuriously soft fibre, Tasmanian Merino is the product of nature, careful environmental stewardship, and over 180 years of knowledge and experience. Tasmanian wool growers produce the highest quality merino wool in the world. Since 1829, Tasmanian wool growers have consistently produced some of the world’s finest merino wool, admired for it’s unique natural qualities. More than 40% of Tasmania, a remote island below mainland Australia, is either World Heritage listed or National Park, recognising and protecting the vast natural wilderness areas. Officially boasting the world’s cleanest air, pure, fresh water and four distinct seasons, Tasmania provides the ideal conditions for growing luxury fine merino wool. Happy sheep = good wool.

Tasmania is free from GMOs in food and fibre production.

Wear our pure wool stuff with a warm fuzzy glow.

We source the yarn for our Tuff Mongrel heavy duty socks from Schoeller Spinning Group – Germany. The Climawool* they produce is the best we have found for replicating the qualities of Pure Wool but also adding a lightness and longevity making this a true high performance yarn. Schoeller’s hard won G.O.T.S and Blue Sign certification demonstrates their commitment to getting it right for the planet too.

In our workshop we are committed to improving our own production practises to minimise our impact on the environment. Our business is probably best described as a "slow" business. We don't mass produce.

  •         We employ natural drying processes rather than power hungry methods.
  •         We collect and use rain water. Minimising unnecessary waste.
  •         Using skylights to provide lighting for 90% of our workshop needs.
  •         We don’t crop or till our acreage, gaining carbon capture and soil structure improvement.
  •        We recycle our cardboard and re-use for forwarding where possible.
  •        We re-use as much plastic as we can and forward for recycling the rest.
  •        LPG fuelled delivery vehicle – cleaner emissions
  •        We use natural soy based dyes for our printing and our labels are printed on paper that is 65% recycled.       We are mad keen recyclers of our workshop waste, if fact so keen that we offer a free upcycling service to our customers or thier old socks turning them in to wrist warmers, Also very happy to give away knit scraps for darning, craft.and covert yarn bomber's, who shall remain nameless.