About Us

Our Story

The Mongrel Socks brand was established by Laurie and Helen, a couple of proud Tasmanians in the year 2000. After spending a lot of their early working lives working ‘for the man’, they realised the 9-5 grind just wasn’t for them. So, they took a leap and started their own business – a small weekly stall at Salamanca Market in Hobart, selling second-hand bric-a-brac and collectables.

A few months rolled by, and after some research they made a decision to move away from the second-hand collectables, and to try out a brand new product … socks!! A beautiful pure wool Tasmanian made on antique sock machines. Mongrel Socks was an instant hit at the newly rebranded Salamanca market stall. All was ticking along nicely, until the local sock manufacturer, went out of business, which led to Laurie & Helen buying the old sock machines, and set about learning how to knit the socks themselves. The machines were temperamental, and at times a real “Mongrel” to operate, but with much patience and persistence they mastered the art of knitting socks.

Together with the range of beautiful pure wool socks, the business has grown and now offers a variety of products; available at Salamanca Market, or via our online store. Wool lovers can now buy an impressive range of products made by Aussie knitters with our 100% Tasmanian grown merino wool.

In mid 2019, the original Mongrel team decided to pass on the torch to another couple of other passionate Tasmanians, Paul and Mylou, and so began a new chapter of Mongrel Socks.

Due to a family tragedy in 2018, Paul and Mylou were on the lookout for a business they could take on as a team, something completely different, and to help them to rebuild their lives. A business they would love but also provide a challenge at the same time.  Hence the opportunity to take over the reigns of Mongrel Socks came along.