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Real natural fibre socks! Real pure wool socks! Made from certified Tasmanian Grown, Non-Mulesed Merino. Happy sheep = happy feet! We have colourful socks! Pure Cotton socks! Possum/Merino Wool Socks! Pure Wool Gauntlets and Gloves and Pure Wool Head Warmers! Heavy duty Tuff Mongrel Socks and eco-friendly Bamboo Socks! All in the brightest colours we can find. Banish the boring and ordinary socks in your life. You won't find us in a department store because our socks are anything but ordinary. At Mongrel Tasmanis Socks we sell only socks (and other stuff) we choose to wear - socks you'll love. Multi-colour pure wool socks and pure cotton socks for ladies and men. Here at Mongrel Tasmanis Socks we think men deserve good socks in great colours just as much as women do. We love natural fibre and bright coloured socks (because life’s too short). We strive for good honest socks. What you see is what you get socks. Get what you pay for socks. We make socks, we know socks. And now gorgeous Tasmanian Merino Beanies, Scarves, Neck Warmers and Cowls. 

Seriously good socks & stuff, in full colour.

Film by Leuke Marriott - cinematographer extraordinaire circa 2008.  The naked man shall remain anonymous.