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Mongrel Socks | Pure Merino Wool

Mongrel Socks | Pure Merino Wool

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Colour - Black
These socks are our 'star of the show', by far our most popular product in our entire range. We make them, we wear them, we love them. Great for kicking back at home or in the garden. They feel like a warm hug from Mama Bear. Excellent for watching winter sports in. The best socks for the worst of weather days.

  • 100% Australian Merino Wool
  • Designed & knitted in Tasmania, Australia
  • 20.5 micron superwash easy-care 
  • Weighing around 200gms a pair makes them substantial socks.
  • Machine washable to 30 degrees C.
  • Wide range of colours.
  • Warm in the cold, cool in the heat, maintain warmth when damp.

You can wear these pure wool socks for days, weeks even months (if you need to) and still be polite to the nose, more importantly to other people's noses.


Will our pure wool Mongrel Socks live forever, no way! Nothing surer is that they will wear out but are darnable, we know that's disappointing, but it's true. We leave out the often nasty petro-chemical synthetics commonly used to enhance sock wear time, because of this they won't last forever and nor will they ever be found fouling up our natural environment for a millennium.
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Care Instructions

Care Instructions


“How do you care for your wool products”?

  • Wool fibres reject dirt particles and bad odours, so wash less not more
  • Handwash or Wash in a machine on ‘wool’ or delicate cycle ideally in a laundry bag
  • A neutral mild wool or woolmark detergent
    Temperature up to 30 degrees
  • If handwashing, squeeze out as much excess water as possible
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Shipping & Returns

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Wool that won't cost the earth

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