Possum Boot Trekker Socks
Possum Boot Trekker Socks
Possum Boot Trekker Socks
Possum Boot Trekker Socks

Possum Boot Trekker Socks

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"Possum Bro" - Possum Boot Trekker
  • 35% Lambswool
  • 18% Possum
  • 10% Angora
  • 18% Merino
  • 15% Nylon
  • 4% Lycra
  • Made in New Zealand

These socks are not suitable for ladies who have a smaller foot. Size 6 (Aus) and under.  A very generous and wide sock, suitable for wearing as a boot sock.

These Possum Boot Socks are pure luxury. Every pair of these socks have been designed and engineered for maximum comfort and warmth. Possum fibre has a unique hollow structure, this gives the possum fibre an extremely high warmth to weight ratio, creating a warm and comfortable garment without bulk or weight. So efficient thermally is this sock, it can keep the wearer comfortable in wide ranging temperatures i.e. cool in the heat, warm in the cold even if that's all in the one day.

The extra thickness on the sole, & cushioning around the toe and heel, make these socks perfect for trekking and wearing inside boots.

Every night an estimated 90 million Possums ravage 22,000 tonnes of native vegetation. New Zealand's forests do not have the natural defence's they need to survive the possum attack, defence's like thorns and hard bark the Australian bush has developed over time. Possums are considered vermin and are in plague proportions, with no natural predator in NZ, man has had to step in to preserve NZ native forests.